Emergencies and Crises "in Sharjah determines the capacity of commercial, economic and tourism activities in the emirate

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The Sharjah Local Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Team announced new measures to help address the "Covid-19" pandemic, at the emirate level, in accordance with the directives issued by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority in the country, in order to enhance preventive measures to contain infection and limit the spread The emerging Covid-19 virus, in order to preserve the public health of community members.

The measures followed the adoption of the capacity of public transport by 50%, commercial centers by 60%, cinemas, activities and entertainment events inside closed halls by 50%, gyms by 50%, beaches and parks by 70%, swimming pools and private beaches in Hotel establishments by 50%, and postponing concerts and music for a period of 4 weeks, which can be extended according to developments in the situation.

The activities of restaurants and cafes have also been determined by not allowing more than 4 people to sit at the same table, except for members of one family, with obliging service providers to conduct the examination every two weeks, with the exception of vaccinators within the national vaccination program and volunteers in clinical trials of vaccines "Covid-19". ".

The new measures included adhering to the numbers of people in marriage ceremonies and family events, with a maximum of 10 people, and 20 people at funerals, preventing crowding, as the funeral is limited to 4-8 people, and reducing those responsible for digging to only two people.

With regard to employees of governmental and semi-government institutions in the emirate, those who come to work places must conduct a weekly nasal swab test (PCR), while service providers in the private sector must conduct a nasal swab test (PCR) every two weeks, with the exception of vaccinated people within National Immunization Program, and volunteers in clinical trials of "Covid-19" vaccines.

The local emergency and crisis team recommended intensifying inspection and monitoring campaigns in all sectors, to ensure compliance with the strict application of national protocols for prevention and precautionary measures, foremost of which are commitment to spatial distancing and wearing masks, and for violators to be referred to the Attorney General, according to the approved laws.

The Executive Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Sharjah called on all members of the community to adhere to the instructions and precautionary measures, stressing that the commitment of each individual is a key factor in preserving the safety of society, and warned that there will be no complacency in the intensification of violations of all who prove intentional breach of procedures Precautionary measure, or ignore it, because it violates the safety and health of society.

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