Dubai police concludes the reason behind rising number of cases as private gathering

Dubai police concludes the reason behind rising number of cases as private gathering

There has been a rise in the coronavirus cases in the United Arab EMirates resulting in the res[onbile agencies and organizations to narrow down the reasons that are behind the rapid increase in the cases. Dubai Police is one of the active pillars heading the department and the Chief of the organization recently zeroed down the reason behind a rise in cases.

Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the commander-in-chief of Dubai Police hinted towards the increase in private events, parties and other meetings as the main reason behind the uprising of Covid-19 cases.

Even though the UAE has efficiently handled the pandemic and it is also being referred as one of the most successful nations in terms of curbing the virus spread, the last few days have seen a rise in otherwise controlled spheres.

Al Marri said that it is due to the lack of implementing necessary covid-19 protocols, which include social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding unnecessary gathering as much as possible. According to the Dubai Police chief, people should consider certain things ahead of attending such events, people must think twice as to if it is actually as important or not.

They should ponder upon questions like “has the event organiser asked all attendees for PCR tests? How many people will be coming? Are the numbers of invited people suitable for the space of the place,” said Al Marri. If all of these factors are considered, it will help in implementing necessary measures.

“No country can ever face such a pandemic alone, unless the people are cooperating with the authorities to help them stop the infections. We call on everyone to think again, when it comes to the decision of not implementing the precautionary measures, and the fact that you could be infected,” he said.

He emphasised that it is through public support that any such measures can be achieved and help the contagion keep at bay. He further stressed that people must stick to the precautionary protocols set by the UAE authorities to protect themselves as well those around them. “It is not possible from the authorities' end to enter each house and ensure that safety measures are being implemented’, explained Al Marri.

On Friday, the Dubai Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster management had earlier issued a directive elaborating ways to control the sudden spike.

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