Covid patients banned at Taraweeh and Eid prayer practices

Covid patients banned at Taraweeh, Eid prayer practices

Keeping the community's health as the top priority, the Islamic Sharia has prohibited any person infected with the Covid-19 virus or showing symptoms of illness to attend the daily congregational prayers--Taraweeh and Eid. This was confirmed earlier by a senior Islamic scholar Tuesday.


A press briefing on Monday revealed that in consideration of all the safety measures during the Holy month of Ramadan, getting a covid-19 vaccine jab is permissible and it will not invalidate or break one’s fasting. A member of the United Arab Emirates council of Fatwa, Dr. Omar Habtoor Dheeb Al Darei confirmed the same.


He said, “Taking the Covid-19 vaccine will not break someone’s fast and doesn’t affect the health of the fasting person.” It was also added by the doctor that if the person feels some side effects after being administered with the vaccine shot, they must break the fast and make up for it by fasting another day.


The senior official also stressed that people who come under the eligibility criteria of receiving the vaccination but are still reluctant to do so are risking the safety of the whole community along with their health. They were risking committing sins, he added, as they might spread the disease to other people.


The safety briefing ahead of Ramadan was held by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments to give out a detailed view of preparations for the Holy month. The press briefing also concluded that all the efforts are being made to make sure that there is a healthy environment in mosques during Ramadan.


The efforts made by the UAE to secure the situation as well as to assure people of cooperation during this time of the ongoing pandemic were stressed by the Chairman of Awqaf, Dr. Muhammad Matar Al Kaabi.


He added that since the pandemic started, Awqaf has been ensuring that all the precautionary measures are followed by competent authorities in the country to contain the spread of the virus. He noted that Awqaf will be coordinating with the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) to ensure that the safety and health of worshipers are given top priority.


Even at the mosques, all the precautionary measures are required to be followed by continuous inspections at the worship place and Imams must also be educated on what needs to be done so that Covid-19 testings are assured at all mosques.


More than 78 percent of the total number of mosque staff has already been vaccinated and Al Kaabi stressed that 7,550 mosque workers, which include Imams and other staff, have already been vaccinated. The guidelines to ensure safety has been printed in three languages and have been distributed at all mosques.


The languages are Arabic, English, and Urdu. The authorities have distributed nearly 80,000 posters on health awareness and 32,000 guidebooks and 1,436 roll-ups. This year, the Ramadan preaching will be virtual and a number of several religious programs on this occasion will be broadcasted on local television. 

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