COVID-19: UAE records lowest new cases, deaths in April 2021

COVID-19: UAE records lowest new cases, deaths in April 2021

In a promising development, the UAE recorded the lowest number of new COVID-19 infections and death in April 2021 across the country. Healthcare experts have stressed that the massive nationwide vaccination and screening campaigns have facilitated the decrease in new infections and deaths due to COVID-19. The UAE authorities are providing a number of COVID-19 vaccines for free to all members of the community with the aim of protecting them from the virus. However, medical experts have warned that it is too early to call victory over the disease. They have called on all community members to continue their compliance with precautionary measures to overcome the health crisis.

Dr. Ponnusamy Tamilvendan, specialist internal medicine at Dubai's Medeor Hospital, hailed the successful impact of vaccination and testing drives conducted by authorities across the UAE. Dr. Tamilvendan further urged all residents to remain cautious for the next couple of months and follow precautions. He asserted that the UAE is moving on the right track with its nationwide vaccination campaign that has helped in lowering the number of new infections in April.

"We are learning from this fight that there is no victory until we scale up preparations. We must now take a lesson from how India continues to face challenges after announcing victory. We need to keep up the momentum for a few more months, complemented by the active support of responsible community members," he added.

Dr. Brijesh Bharadwaj, specialist internal medicine at the NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai Investments Park, stressed that a long road lies ahead in the battle against COVID-19. While there has been a day-to-day decrease in the number of new cases, the graph still suggests that it will take the next 2-3 months for new infections to dip down to hundreds, he added. He affirmed that the nationwide vaccination campaign and strict implementation of COVID-19 precautions have helped in fighting the virus.

Dr. Sawsan Humaida, specialist internal medicine at Bareen International Hospital in Abu Dhabi, expressed optimism towards near victory in the efforts to combat the pandemic.

“In April, the equilibrium between the total number of PCR tests conducted and the number of positive cases has significantly reduced," Dr. Humaida said.

Doctors have called on all members of the community to adhere to the necessary precautionary measures during Ramadan Nights and upcoming Eid celebrations.

“Take precautions during Ramadan and Eid, get vaccinated, and follow standard precautions. Vaccination will help in reducing the number of new cases and severity of the illness," Dr. Bhardwaj said.

Dr. Sawsan underlined the need for strict observance with preventive measures to ensure continuous decrease in the equilibrium between PCR tests and new infections. It is important for all community members to follow precautionary measures such as maintaining social distancing and wearing masks in markets and mosques during Ramadan and Eid.

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