Covid-19 travel: Nations that have restricted travel from UAE

Covid-19 travel: Nations that have restricted travel from UAE

With continuing spread of Omicron variant, countries are constantly changing travel restrictions as well as introducing new rules for incoming travellers from across different nations.


Though UAE has one of the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates in the world, the case numbers have witnessed as surge in recent weeks. As a result some destinations have placed additional restrictions on travellers from the Emirates.


It is to be noted that the UAE has banned travel for all unvaccinated citizens from January 10. So all unvaccinated UAE citizens have many more countries that are off-limits. 


1. Germany

On January 8, Germany has added 39 nations, including UAE, to its list of high-risk areas. While the Emirates is now on the equivalent of Germany's red list, it doesn’t mean that traveling is banned there. Instead, travellers must register their travel on an online portal, before flying must have a negative PCR test result and on arrival undergo quarantine at home or hotel. The self-isolation period is 10 days, but it can be ended early by taking a Covid-19 test and obtaining negative result after five days in quarantine.


2. Norway

Norway has one of the strictest entry rules for tourists and those from approved non-EU/Schengen countries can only visit the Nordic nation.


Norway has nine approved destinations that are present currently on its list, including Saudi Arabia, but not UAE. There are some exemptions, however, including for Norwegian citizens and those who have an "absolutely essential" reason to travel.


3. Cyprus

The UAE is on Cyprus’s red list for travel. But travel to the Mediterranean island is allowed for non-essential reasons, that includes tourism.


All travellers who are flying to Cyprus are required to complete the CyprusFlightPass form online for getting clearance to fly. A negative PCR test is also required taken no more than 72 hours before flight departure. Furthermore, as UAE is on red list, travellers will have to pay for the on-arrival PCR test in Cyprus. It currently costs €15 (Dh63).


4. Poland

Poland has some of the strictest restrictions when it comes to tourism with only travelers from approved countries being permitted to enter.


There are currently 31 destinations on Poland's safe-list, including Turkey, Morocco, Sweden and Malta, but the UAE is absent. This means that travel is restricted from the Emirates, excluding Polish nationals.


However, if only passing through, then flying to Poland is allowed, with transit passengers staying in the country less than 24 hours allowed from any country.


5. Belgium

Belgium too has placed additional restrictions for some travellers from the UAE. The European country colour-codes nations on its white list for determining rules for visitors - the UAE has recently moved to a red code.


Travel for UAE is still allowed, but tourists who are not fully vaccinated have to follow some additional restrictions. Belgium has not recognized the Sinopharm vaccine, so people who are vaccinated with it will also have to follow the rules for unvaccinated travellers. This includes getting a negative Covid-19 test result no more than 72 hours before departure and taking another test on day seven of arrival. Passengers are also required to complete an online form at least 48 hours before travel.

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