COVID-19 response: UAE sends third medical aid shipment to Colombia

COVID-19 response: UAE sends third medical aid shipment to Colombia

The UAE on Monday sent its third aid shipment consisting of 6 metric tons of essential medical supplies to Colombia to strengthen the country's efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic. The critical aid will provide assistance to approximately 6,000 medical professionals in Colombia in their efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus.

Responding to the aid delivery, UAE Ambassador to Colombia Salem Rashid Al Owais said that the two countries share historic relations that have been supported by friendship, consensus, and cooperation on various fronts. He stated that the UAE-Colombia relations are nourished by continuous efforts of the leaderships of both countries to develop and strengthen such bonds.

Al Owais went on to add that prior to this shipment, the UAE had sent two other aid shipments to Colombia containing more than 20 metric tons of medical supplies and 200,000 COVID-19 testing kits. The aid assisted more than 21,000 medical professionals in the country in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis.

"In continuation of the UAE’s contributions to building capacity in Colombia’s healthcare sector, the UAE sent a third aid plane today that follows two other shipments containing 21 metric tons of medical aid and 200,000 COVID-19 testing kits over the past three months. More than 21,000 medical professionals benefited from this assistance, affirming that the UAE stands with friendly nations in combating the pandemic," Al Owais added.

To date, the UAE has provided over 1,144 metric tons of medical aid and supplies to 90 countries as part of its international humanitarian efforts in response to the global battle in containing the Coronavirus pandemic. The aid has supported more than 1 million medical professionals across the world in the process.


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