Covid-19 response: Abu Dhabi Police takes part in the worldwide webinar

Abu Dhabi Police participates in world webinar on COVID-19 response

In a virtual global webinar organized under INERPOL’s umbrella, Abu Dhabi Police participated for addressing the Covid-19 response.

The webinar was aimed at discussing global response during Covid-19 in relation to missing people, postmortem examination and DVI (Disaster Victim Identification).

The global webinar was hosted by Forensic Middle East and Africa. The opportunity was utilized for examining the international standards and the experiences shared by various nations’ response organizations. There was also an analysis discussed to identify emerging successful tactics and practices for overcoming Covid-19. Coordination between DVI and forensic medicine was also discussed in context of the present global crisis.

Insights on the challenges, shortcomings and strategies during the pandemic were presented by the DVI team at Abu Dhabi Police’s Central Operations Section. The session was moderated by Dr. Robert Green who is the Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at UK’s University of Kent. 


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