COVID-19 in UAE: To mask or not to mask as cases decline?

COVID-19 in UAE: To mask or not to mask as cases decline?

With COVID-19 cases in the UAE declining, people have been contemplating the need to wear face masks. The UAE government has also eased a number of COVID-19 restrictions, allowing people to decide on their adherence to safety measures. In several countries, including the US, courts are removing masking mandates.

However, according to the World Health Organisation, even if COVID-19 becomes an endemic with smaller outbreaks, the world may not see the end of the problem. That's why experts have underlined the need for continuing wearing face masks to boost your safety and well-being as well as of others.


Cloth masks vs surgical masks

Experts have also pointed out that cloth masks may be ineffective at staving off the virus. Surgical masks and N95 masks, on the other hand, are highly effective in containing the virus from reaching the mouth and nose.

A fun fact, masks also help in keeping out other germs when used for daily activities, including running household errands and cycling in the part. While wearing masks has become optional due to declining cases, they are necessary for keeping the virus at bay for all age groups, particularly children and senior citizens. At the same time, people in high-risk groups including those with comorbidities are advised to continue wearing face masks to keep themselves protected against possible transmission.


Pandemic is not over yet

Doctors have also advised people to continue compliance with relevant precautionary measures, including regularly washing and sanitising hands and maintaining social distance to limit the spread of the virus.

It is important to remember that even as cases are declining in countries across the world, the pandemic continues to put the lives of millions of people at risk with new mutations. World governments are still struggling to overcome the socio-economic impact of the two years of the deadly pandemic on the community globally.

 SOURCE: Khaleej Times


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