Construction companies allowed to build worker housing at construction sites

Construction Companies Allowed To Build Worker Housing At Construction Sites

With the aim of ensuring the appropriate distancing between workers at housing sites and cities, thereby reducing risk, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that it will allow construction companies to construct housing for their workers at their construction sites.

This step is in line with the coordination between the ministry and relevant municipalities and local authorities. It also aims to ensure the continuation of construction and infrastructure projects, as workers are not allowed to move between emirates due to the precautionary measures that aim to ensure their safety.

The ministry affirmed the necessity for companies wishing to establish workers’ housing at their construction sites to abide by all regulations and standards established by local authorities to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, adding that joint campaigns will be launched to monitor workers’ accommodation, to ensure that they meet occupational health and safety requirements and related precautionary measures.

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