Abu Dhabi Police continues awareness campaign to ensure workers' safety

Abu Dhabi Police Continues Awareness

In a report to mark the, the General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police said its anti-coronavirus awareness campaign in the emirate's industrial areas seeks to educate laborers and raise their awareness and appreciate their role in the development of the country emanates from the UAE's approach of proactively cooperating with the international community to protect the rights of laborers and to ensure that they enjoy fair treatment in the areas of recruitment, pay, accommodation, health, safety and security.

The campaign aims to distribute facemasks among workers in their workplaces and accommodation camps and to boost their awareness of the precautionary measures against the virus, including proper wearing of facemasks and gloves and adhering to social distancing protocols.

In 2019, Abu Dhabi Police carried out a number of sport activities at the labor cities and conducted awareness sessions in various languages to thousands of workers on legal, traffic and security issues.


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