Abu Dhabi: New Al Hosn green pass protocols come into effect

Abu Dhabi New Al Hosn Green Pass Protocols Come Into Effect

New Al Hosn green pass protocols have come into effect in the emirate of Abu Dhabi with the aim of containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As per latest rules, the Al Hosn status for people who have received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine will remain green as long as they conduct a PCR test once in every 30 days. Furthermore, people who received their second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine more than six months ago are required to take a booster shot in order to maintain the green status on the Al Hosn app.

Last month, Abu Dhabi authorities gave a 30-day grace period till September 20 to people to receive their vaccine booster to prevent grey status on Al Hosn app.

The green status on the Al Hosn allows fully-vaccinated people entry to a large number of public places in Abu Dhabi. However, people with grey status on their app will be excluded from entry.

Security staff at public buildings, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and other places will be checking the green pass on visitors' Al Hosn app to allow them entry.

Furthermore, unvaccinated people without an official vaccine exemption as well as those who have not received their booster or failed to take a PCR test in the past 30 days will see grey status on their Al Hosn app.

Public places in Abu Dhabi allowing only fully-vaccinated visitors include shops, restaurants, cafes, gyms, recreational and sports centres and health clubs. The list also consists of resorts, museums, cultural centres and theme parks, public and private schools, universities, institutes, and children’s nurseries.

Meanwhile, visitors are not required to maintain green status for entering Abu Dhabi from other emirates. Previously, drivers were stopped at the Ghantoot border to present vaccination proof on Al Hosn. But authorities recently removed the requirements to allow smooth journey of visitors to Abu Dhabi without the need for prior PCR tests. Last week, Abu Dhabi officials also announced the removal of screening protocol after a significant decrease in COVID-19 infections was witnessed in the capital.

UAE carried out intensive mass testing and rapid vaccination campaign across the nation to effectively fight the virus. These efforts were supported by cooperation shown by community members to comply with safety measures including wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing.

Since the launch of its vaccination campaign, the UAE has administered more than 19.4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine across the country. 

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