Abu Dhabi launches repository online platform for COVID

DoH supports scientific research to help fight COVID-19 pandemic

The Health Department in Abu Dhabi has launched a unified platform where all information about COVID-19 related R&D would be available.

The platform called the National Registry for COVID-19 has been created in association with the Advanced Technology Research Council and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre. The registry is available on Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health website. The site will have all scientific information related to mitigating the coronavirus infection.

The updates on the site will be all real-time information about novel coronavirus. Among other updates, the site will have details about the nature of the virus, dos and don’ts to fight the disease, latest updates on scientific findings, all approved available options to treat COVID cases and minimize its side effects.

The website will collect related information from all sectors, which will minimize duplication and bring more efficiency in tackling the disease. This digital platform will act as a repository for all archival material on research related to the SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This database will help other research organizations to streamline their analysis.

The webpage will also carry daily scientific reports, including summaries of breakthroughs and latest information COVID -19 research.

Public health officials, doctors, and other healthcare professionals can access all information in one consolidated platform.

According to Dr. Asma Al Mannaei, Director of Healthcare Quality Division at DoH, creating this platform helps the scientific community with all relevant data, which can help in their analysis and coming up with solutions to the deadly disease. The National Registry for COVID-19 provides a “solid foundation” for those researchers and medical professionals working to fight the pandemic.

The platform allows clinical researchers to upload their proposals to help the community with data and substantial findings. 

All related research, findings by the Emirati scientific community can be published on this platform.

Also, the website will have an analytical report on the world situation.

The team which created this platform believes that a consolidated website, relevant findings across the globe will keep the local Emirati health researchers updated.

The initiative by the DoH has helped health authorities and health workers.

All researchers and subject matter experts, who have been working on COVID-19 are urged by DoH to register their proposals via the National Registry for COVID-19.

UAE-based applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, Saal has designed the DoH website. Other than real-time updates and reports, the site has a bilingual chatbot that will answer all queries. The website also has official news on coronavirus, facts and myths, and other infographics.


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