Abu Dhabi-DoH plans to enhance research of Sotrovimab COVID-19 therapy

Abu Dhabi-DoH plans to enhance research of Sotrovimab COVID-19 therapy

The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH) will be conducting research to analyse the effectiveness of the COVID-19 medication Sotrovimab with the aim of sharing the data with the International medical community. It will further enhance Abu Dhabi's global positioning as a leading destination for medical research. The Department has partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to expand the research in order to assess various potentials of Sotrovimab medication against COVID-19. The efforts will also strengthen Abu Dhabi’s ongoing response against COVID-19 and cement the emirate; position as the regional life sciences hub.

Notably, Abu Dhabi is the first jurisdiction in the world to share real-world evidence on the use of Sotrovimab to benefit COVID-19 infected patients after treating over 23,000 high-risk patients.

In addition, Abu Dhabi was the first destination worldwide to secure the Sotrovimab medication for the local healthcare sector in June with the help of GSK. According to studies conducted on the effectiveness of the medication, it has helped in the recovery of 97.3 percent of UAE recipients, with severe cases getting better within 5-7 days.

Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, Undersecretary of DoH, and James Greenhalgh, Senior Vice President, GSK Growth Emerging Markets, signed a Declaration of Collaboration to foster the partnership.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the UAE, Abu Dhabi has led a proactive and effective human-centred response with innovation and collaboration with prominent regional and international pharmaceutical companies.

The recent signing of the Declaration of Collaboration also aims to foster real-world evidence and capitalise on logistical processes related to Sotrovimab. These efforts will be carried out with the support of regulatory decision-making and clinical trials.

Meanwhile, the Emirati authorities will continue to work with the international healthcare community by sharing important learnings and experiences during the fight against COVID-19. The Emirate also aims to donate the breakthrough treatment Sotrovimab as part of its humanitarian efforts.

Speaking about the collaboration, Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi noted that both the public and private sectors are working seamlessly over the year to achieve great outcomes for the emirate. These efforts have helped Abu Dhabi in marking its position in global listings and rankings.

"With the UAE continuing to exhibit exemplary leadership through its response to the pandemic, we are committed to establishing a leading life science ecosystem in Abu Dhabi by driving clinical research and improving access to treatments and medical products," he added.

For his part, James Greenhalgh, Senior Vice President, GSK Growth Emerging Markets, hailed the great potential of Abu Dhabi as a fast-rising hub in healthcare, life sciences and biopharmaceuticals.

"For decades, GSK has helped contribute to the health and well-being of Abu Dhabi’s citizens, and our new Declaration of Collaboration with the Department of Health enables us to increase our partnership in the emirate to further help the health of its people," Greenhalgh added.

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