Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development to issue freelance licenses for UAE nationals covering 52 business activities

Abu Dhabi Department Of Economic Development To Issue Freelance Licenses For Uae Nationals Covering 52 Business Activities

In a new step that aims to activate UAE Nationals' role in the business sector in Abu Dhabi and their contribution to the national economy, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) is issuing freelance licenses for 52 various business activities. 

The new freelancer license, which is being issued by ADDED’s Abu Dhabi Business Centre, allows Emiratis to work from home or from any other location that is authorized and in compliance with the general provisions of the issuing institution.

HE Mohamed Ali Al-Shorafa, the chairman of ADDED, said that the initiative falls in line with the Abu Dhabi Government’s commitment towards stimulating the business and investment environment of the emirate – creating job opportunities for UAE citizens across various industry verticals.

Freelance licenses will enable utilizing the available expertise and leveraging the skills of professionals without the need to appoint full time employee for all functions. They also provide more flexibility for remote service provision at various times, while tackling unemployment and improving the income of several segments, such as retirees, students and housewives. 

The 52 activities covered under the new 'Freelancer license' includes fashion design, coordinating natural and artificial flowers, photographing studio, events photography, personal video photography, event organizing , gift packaging, jewelry design, web design, project management and design services, translation, calligraphy, drawing and statistical consulting, agricultural extension and marketing operations management.

Other activities approved under the license are consultation activities in the field of computer equipment and devices, real estate. Legal consulting offices in public relations, quality, standards, standardization, pest resistance, project development, procurement, heritage, technical installations, green buildings, information technology, economic feasibility studies, human resources, tourism and entertainment, administrative studies, food safety, commodity design, fine arts, art of drawing and architectural directing, marine services. The list also includes lifestyle development consulting, marketing studies, parliamentary studies, banking and marketing services in fields of energy and space, logistical consultations, health club consultations, artistic works, sculptural cosmetics, manual and environmental works, printing services, photocopying, gardening and parks services, textile and apparel printing, plastering, engraving, ornamentation, and soap formwork.


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